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Hdip Creative Multimedia Course: Multimedia Digital Video

K00132542 Fiona Kiely

Intoduction to Narrative Film Production
Project #2: Moving One or More People Through Space
Movie Title: “A to B”
Time: 1 Minute (min) – 3 Minutes (max)
Date of Submission: November 4th, 2015

Position 1: Director: Richard Young
Position 2: PM: Production Manager: Fiona Kiely
Position 3: DP Director of Photography: Avril Maher
Positon 4: Sound: Lorna O’Donnell

Date: Wednesday October 21st 
Obtained brief, team members and roles were established. Discussed several options and ideas for filming. We all liked the idea of making a piece of work with social issues attached. The team met and discussed ideas regarding the story, locations and equipment.

We went through various scenarios before deciding on our final story of a person going through challenging tasks of the everyday, as a wheelchair user. I helped the director with the shot-list, shooting script and overhead camera set ups. We downloaded Google maps and did a virtual ‘walk through’ of the potential locations to aid in telling our story.

Date: Friday October 23rd
Second meeting about movie and we did a dry run of the script and locations. We pinned down the exact script and double checked availability of equipment and locations again. I agreed to be Christine for the film.

We decided on our “shooting day “for the following Wednesday at 10am. This day was decided mainly because the college would be quieter during reading week. . We agreed on our story and it was my role to type up a shot list and a marked shooting script. We obtained and checked out the camera for a week from the IT Help desk. Before filming we discussed input FPS rates and the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Date:  Wednesday October 28th
All team members were present to film at 10 am with equipment in LIT. On our first take we thought everything was good to go, but we had problems with the SD Card. Richard, the director had to check out another camera and let the IT Help Desk people know of the issue with it. We had less battery time with the new camera so we had to be mindful of this shooting. We had less time to waste.

We began our filming in LIT and got the interior shots first, which proved to be a good idea early in the day. All internal shots look consistent with the lighting in the day time.  

Then we shot on Nicholas Street, the bus stop on the Island Road, Thomond Bridge and across the street from Thomond Stadium.

I agreed to be ‘Chrisitine’ and learn what it is like to be confined to a wheelchair to go about daily things like getting around. It was a real eye opener. It was difficult to use the chair outside and especially going up hill. In truth, I had to watch out for tipping over, running into other people and I had to practice going left and right and reversing. When the crew would say action it took me a second or two to get going. I had to think about not banging my hands and if I would knock someone over if I went too quickly. 

We wanted to highlight the issues that face persons confined to a wheelchair moving through space and different environments. We expressed their frustrations, not only with stairs and steps but with hills, the outside footpaths and other people. We could not include all issues wheelchair users face but we highlighted some. We hope we did it in a respectful and tasteful way. Wheelchair use is an area in our society that needs more attention and facilities for users. I am only speaking from my point of view after four hours in a wheelchair.

After filming we imported the shots, checked the format and made backups and imported to four machines. In all we filmed for about four and a half hours.

Some of the aspects we observed during filming:

  • The 180 rule was observed, Lorna brought it to our attention when we were filming at the bus stop and almost changed shot direction.
  • After filming we imported footage and realized there were shadows and reflections in door panels of crew members in the background. The director had to edit this out.

  • Safety – we decided on the day to omit filming near the pedestrian crossing near LIT. I was responsible for safety and I felt it was important we were aware of issues at all times during the day especially using equipment like a wheelchair and expensive equipment like the camera.

  • Shot of Christne taken our coming out of lift because time restraints and we had more than enough obstacles to highlight issues.

Date:  Monday November 2nd
The movie was edited by Richard and Avril. Lorna and I sat beside them and took notes Lorna was thinking about sounds and possible music and we were discussing this as Richard and Avril were editing. All changes that took place on the day of filming were are marked in the shot list and marked shooting script. Google docs image of map attached also.

Date:  Tuesday November 2nd and Wednesday November 3rd
Finished editing and putting documents together

Shooting Script:


Title: A to B
Dir. Richard Young
Scenes #1 - #9
Shoot Date: 27/10

SCENE: # 1 EXT Nicholas Street – DAY

Angle on Christine leaving house in wheelchair, she pulls door behind her. 

SCENE #2 EXT Island Road Bus Stop – DAY
Christine approaches bus stop. She drops all of her change and decides to wheel herself to college. MCU 

SCENE #3 EXT Bottom of King John’s Castle – DAY
Christine is nearing narrow pathway of bridge. ELS of Christine moving towards narrow pathway. Capture how NARROW pathway is.

SCENE #4: EXT Road on the way to college, across from
Thomond Stadium - DAY
Christine wheels herself up of hill up hill with   effort. MS LOW ANGLE Bottom of wheel.

SCENE #5: INT – Canteen of LIT  - DAY
Goes to get water and can’t reach bottles, (Low Angle)
     Heads away from cafeteria in frustration.

SCENE #6: INT – Hallway, Christine heads for classroom -DAY
     Christine comes around the corner and is heading for door that leads to classroom 1B20.

SCENE #6: INT – Hallway, Christine - DAY
     Christine is at door.
SCENE #7: INT – Stairway to classroom – DAY 
Chrisine cannot get stairs to second floor.

SCENE #8: INT – Second attempt looking for a way to the second floor – DAY
People get in Christine’s way and she is faced with  another staircase. She heads for the lift to the right  of the hallway.

SCENE #9: INT – Lift in LIT – DAY                                   Christine gets in lift to get to classroom.

SCENE #10: INT – Christine exits lift in LIT – DAY                 Christine exits lift and heads for library doors.
Going through the library is the only way to   access classroom 1B20.

SCENE #11: INT -  Library Going through doors – LATE DAY
Can’t get to classroom any other way so goes through doors.
SCENE #11: INT - Classroom student turns on PC – LATE DAY

SET-UP 11: MS of Christine gets to classroom too late –       LATE DAY
Lights go off. It took Christing all day to get to college.

SCENE #2b. EXT - Hill on the way to Bus Stop – DAY
Pick Up shot. Christine wheels herself to bus stop and ends up rolling too quickly downhill.”

Below is the shot list from the day of shooting, again the original was inserted in my report that Richard is using.

Shot List 28/10/2115

Title: A to B
Dir. Richard Young
Scenes #1 - #11
Shoot Date: 27/10

SCENE #5: INT – Canteen of LIT  - DAY
SET-UP 5: Goes to get a soft drink and can’t reach bottles,  Low Angle?
               5)Heads away from water bottles
   5)Leaves canteen

SCENE #6: INT Hallway in LIT – DAY
SET-UP  6a: Camera on Christine turning corner heading for door.
                6: Camera pans on Christine getting to hallway door.

SCENE #7: INT Looks for lift in Stairwell in LIT – DAY
SET-UP 7:  There is no lift here.

SCENE #8: INT Hallway in LIT – DAY
SET-UP  8: Camera on Christine facing another set of stairs. She turns corner and heads for the doors that lead to the lift.
                8: Camera pans on Christine getting to hallway door.
SCENE #9: INT Shows Christine getting into lift.
                 Camera ……       

SCENE #10: INT Shows Christine getting out of lift.
SET-UP 10: Camera pans to her heading for bridge walkway that leads to library             n       on the second floor.

SCENE #11: INT Shows Christine approaching doors that lead to classroom.
 SET-UP #11: 11: Can’t get to classroom any other way so goes through doors.
SCENE #11: INT Classroom student turns on pc
SET-UP #11: Christine realizes its too late and throws her hands in her head in  frustration – it is too late to study.  

SCENE: # 1 EXT Nicholas Street – DAY
SET UP 1: Christine leaving house in wheelchair. Closes door behind her. MCU

SCENE #2 EXT Island Road Bus Stop – DAY
SET UP 2: Alice wheels close to bus stop and drops coins on ground. Christine looks over at bus sign in the distance.

SCENE #3 EXT Bottom of King John’s Castle near Thomond Bridge - DAY
SET –UP 3: Christine is nearing narrow pathway of bridge. ELS of chair moving towards narrow pathway.

SCENE #4: EXT Road on way to college across from Thomond Stadium – DAY SET – UP #4:  MS LOW ANGLE. Shot of hill and getting wheelchair up hill with effort.”

Marked Shooting Script - Page 1 of 2 

                                            Marked Shooting Script - Page 2 of 2 

Shot List from day of shoot – note it changed on day.

Below - Interior Shots Diagrams 

Overhead diagram of canteen scene 5

Overhead diagram of scene 6 

Overhead diagram of scene 7

Overhead diagram of scene 8

Overhead diagram of scene 10 (scene 9 has been omitied at editing time).

Overhead diagram of scene 11 

Overhead diagram of scene 12 

Below - Exterior Shots Diagrams 

Overhead diagram of scene 1

Overhead diagram of scene 2

Overhead diagram of scene 3

Overhead diagram of scene 4

Overhead diagram of scene 5 (this scene was not shot in the end due to safety issues). 

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