Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Portrait Of A Location

Movie Making Process for Digital Video Assignment 2
Date of Submission: October 14th, 2015

This is our first short movie for the Digital Video module as part of the Hdip in Creatvie Multimedia. The movie is the work of  my team members: Avril Maher, Lorna O'Donnell and Richard Young. Avril was the production manager, Lorna took the role of director of photography and Richard was responsible for the sound sourcing and engineering. I was the director (K00132542 Fiona Kiely) for this first movie and as we do more projects each team member will get a chance to experience each role.  

Brief: Movie of a location to express an emotion
Location of Movie Shoot: Westlands Wetfields, North Circular Road, Limerick City
Physical Constraints: One movement per shot
Time Constraint: 1-2 minutes
There was certain criteria for this first short mainly, it had a time constraint to be one minute minimum to two minutes maximum. There was also a limit on camera movements of one per shot so panning and zooming were permitted but not together.

This was a great start to the movie making process. There was a lot of planning, discussing, photo taking and sketching in the pre-production phase. In the editing phase we concentrated on the software. As we each had different roles it was a great way to properly meet my new classmates and get to know them.

The linked document reports on the movie making process in detail here via Google docs:

This is a link to our first video in the digital video module:
Movie Title: “Serenity”

If you have trouble playing it the link to YouTube is here:

I hope you enjoy and please leave your comments! Thanking you....

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